VW Sustainable E-Mobility: The ID - VW's carbon-neutral electric car model

Dresden, 15 February 2015

VW Press Conference: The carbon-neutral, electric ID

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At a press conference in Dresden on 15 February 2019, Volkswagen provided insights to international journalists with regard to its strategy for sustainable e-mobiliy. The ID will be Volkswagen’s trailblazer in terms os sustainable e-mobility. It is the first electric car of the Group which, on balance, will be CO2-neutral throughout its lifetime if charged with green energy.

Georg Kell:

“The decision by Volkswagen to massively invest in e-mobility and related infrastructure has enormous implication for the entire industry and beyond.

If Volkswagen decides to become carbon-neutral in its production, as is happening here, right now, today, as Volkswagen decides to bet on e-mobility, there is a huge probability that the entire industry will accelerate its shift in that direction”